What were the AMOS and GAP ribbons for and why were they retired?

GAP - Goal Achievement Program. These were green/gray-bluish ribbons and distinguished by the number and width of stripes. There were six of them. The flotilla had to meet certain goals in order for the members to earn the ribbon. There was no individual component to earning the ribbon - so the flotilla deadwood, slackers etc could wear the ribbon although they contributed nothing toward the flotilla goal. A not uncommon name for the ribbons is/was The Green Meanies. The color isn't so great and since the ribbons are old, they tend to look cruddy on the uni. There is a sole survivor of these ribbons that is still awarded - the Flotilla Meritorious Achievement Award. That award could be won by only 1 flotilla in a district. I don't know how it is awarded today - YM&DMV. The ribbons are listed as discontinued in the current AuxMan. The program was replaced by the AMOS program.

AMOS- Auxiliary Management (By) Objective System. The ribbons are the same as today's Annual Service Performance Awards but without the attachments. The goals were set by flotilla. In order to earn the right to wear the ribbon the flotilla had to meet its goal and each member had to meet a personal goal. If the flotilla met its goal but the member did not then they could not wear the ribbon. There were many complaints about the program. It existed in the days when a member could be disenrolled for non-participation and many flotillas would mass disenroll members so they could lower the flotilla goal. The program was replaced by the Annual Service Performance Awards. The AMOS ribbons are not listed as obsolete in one part of the AuxMan (see below) but they are listed as obsolete in the detail section describing the Annual Service Awards. However, if you earned an AMOS award and then earned the corresponding Annual Service Award, you are supposed to remove the AMOS award and replace it with the Annual Service.

Earlier it had been noted that you had to remove obsolete ribbons - ie the GAP ribbons. That was true in the old AuxMan (actually several old AuxMans). However there has been a policy change.

The following appears (bolded) in a bolded box below the continuation of Figure 11-2 (Order of Precedence - Continued) on page 11-56.


The following are the discontinued awards that may be worn again:

AuxMan 11.A.19. Discontinued Awards

The following listed awards are no longer issued:
a. Air Observer/Pilot Ribbon
b. Auxiliary Service Award
c. Flotilla Achievement Medals (the six GAP ribbons)
d. 3/16-inch bronze star denoting qualification as Master IT

The Air Observer/Pilot Ribbon looked like the Operatons ribbon (the ribbon formerly known as the boat crew ribbon) with a different number of stripes. The "Air" ribbon went away when the Boat Crew ribbon was renamed the Operations Program ribbon.

The Auxiliary Service Ribbon. It was part of the blue/blue-gray ribbons, the survivors of which are the Specialty Training ribbon and the Examiner program ribbon. The IT and Member Service ribbons are similar but lighter in color. The Auxiliary Service ribbon had a lot of stripes on it and was awarded for some high number of hours in operations. Back in the day, VE was considered part of ops, so VE time probably counted toward ribbon attainment. I have no idea why it was eliminated. It might have been considered redundant to the GAP or AMOS program.

Per new AuxMan 11.F.4. Discontinued Attachments, discontinued attachments ("X", "V" and numerals) are still verboten and must be removed.

The Boat Crew ribbon was awarded at two levels of qualification. The crew ribbon upon crew quals and then an 'O" device was added to signify qualification as 'Vessel Operator'. The advance level of qualification was 'Auxiliary Coxswain'. Vessel Operators received patrol orders. 1985 Boat Crew Program.

'O" device was added to signify qualification as 'Vessel Operator'

Sometimes in the Chronicles, Vessel Operators, the official name, are referred to as 'unpinned coxswains'. 1999/2000 was the end transition date for VOs to upgrade to coxswain by completing 6 tasks or fall back to boat crew. To the shock of Nat Aux at the time, most let the fallback happen. After the 1984 BCQP fiasco, that may have been the next big sign Nat Aux missed about trouble with the BCQP.

That 1982 - 84 time frame was also the same period that the CG did a major revision to their active side boat crew qualification program. The new qualifications as boat crew, boat engineer and surfman were instituted. They went from the realm of local station quals, to a CGHQ sponsored program. That program became a major bit of work for the stations.

The "O" attachment for that auxiliary ribbon was in a rectangular shape with rounder corners and 1/4" wide. The "O" operational distinguishing device, that is worn on CG decorations and unit commendations was a bit smaller and in more of an oval shape. The CG is the only service that uses an "O" attachment on awards. Somewhere in the contracting process, the CG "O" was dropped and the auxiliary"O" retained.


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